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Soule Avenue was a collaborative renovation project between Luxe Realty Group, UpStage Home Staging, and Dream Big Drywall, Inc.


We were fortunate to have documented the project prior to its renovation through photos and videos because of our partnership with Luxe Realty Group. The original photos and videos were taken for the marketing and sales use during its initial market listing.


When we came back after the renovation, we had to give the visuals a special touch because of the beautiful transformation.


We fell in love with this home. Everything about it was perfectly suited for our own family. If we were in a position to buy, believe that we would have.


The strategy for production and marketing helped all three businesses involved in the renovation increase awareness to the public for the sale of the home and each of the company's abilities to tackle such a project.


For real estate purposes, we shot from angles that concentrated on the entire area, and we also employed stylized photos with a more artistic touch. The photos were used for both print and digital marketing.


The episode for Inside served as the basis for all other adjustments we made to the video. This gave us the opportunity to present the project's before-and-after photos and explain Soule's narrative.


For our client to use as a useful product for marketing campaigns and portfolio presentations, we assembled all the graphic materials into a project website.


The project website functions as a visual resource that can be applied to the creation of any sales funnel. Depending on the target audience, we can develop different landing pages that are built directly through the website to communicate a message that speaks to that audience specifically and direct them toward a more engaged action, like getting in touch with our client or filling out an informational form.

It's a powerful sales tool that may be used to build brand awareness or generate leads in addition to serving as a project presentation online.

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