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The most significant things that set us apart are our shooting and editing techniques and our ability to remove and replace almost anything.


We've honed our skills to maintain high, editorial-quality photos and deliver them the next day.

Learn more about how we do what we do below.


Click the button below to go to our online booking form or contact us if your shoot requires some special touches to create a visual package that stands out from the rest.


The answer to that question is always a maybe. Yes, we can remove and replace almost anything, but the question is, will the final photo look great?

This is something we always have to evaluate. We can do it 90% of the time and still make the final photo look seamless. That other 10% is when we would opt to move the items out of the shot during the shoot to ensure a clean final photo.

Regardless, this is something that we do at no additional charge because we know it'll help sell the property or make your portfolio look amazing.



The HDR (High Dynamic Range), aka bracketed exposure, is the most common shooting and editing technique. This technique utilizes natural room lighting, where the photographer takes multiple photos from dark to bright and combines them during the editing process to create a final image.

THE PROS: It's easy and quick to shoot and edit the photos because modern software blends the images automatically allowing photographers to charge less with a quick turnaround.

THE CONS: Final photos may look "washed out" and dull, and sometimes the colors of flooring, furniture, and walls are off. 


The "Flash-Ambient" method is our preferred technique. We shoot using natural light and take multiple shots using flash. For one angle, we take between 4 and 10 shots and combine all those images during editing to create a final, polished photo.

THE PROS: Retains the natural color of the room, flooring, and furniture. Photos look more vibrant and lively.

THE CONS: For most photographers, it takes longer to shoot and edit using this method because of the extra time needed to take additional flash shots and the large amount of manual editing needed for each photo. 



We've figured out how to work fast and efficiently with the flash ambient method to deliver high-quality photos quickly.  


Q1: What types of photography services do you offer?

A: We specialize in architectural photography, including interior and exterior shots of residential and commercial properties.

Q2: What is your photography style?

A: We use a 'flash ambient' method, which combines ambient light with flash photography to create natural, well-lit, and dynamic images. We can do both editorial and real-estate-style photography.

Q3: How do you handle low-light or challenging lighting situations?

A: Our technique uses natural lighting and flashes to shoot interiors pitch black in the worst-case scenario.

Q4: Can you edit photos to remove or add elements?

A: Yes, we offer advanced Photoshop services to remove unwanted elements or enhance specific features of your property in the photos. Every situation is different, so we must evaluate if removals or additions will look presentable. Depending on the extent of the work, you may incur additional fees.

Q5: How many photos will I receive from a shoot?

A: We take as many photos and angles to tell the story of the project. Typically, clients receive between 20 to 50 edited images.

Q6: Do you provide raw, unedited photos?

A: Our standard practice is to provide professionally edited images. However, raw photos can be provided upon request.

Q7: How should I prepare my property for the photoshoot?

A: Please refer to our comprehensive guide on preparing your property, which includes decluttering, cleaning, and staging tips.

Q8: What equipment do you use for photography?

A: We use high-end DSLR cameras, various lenses, and professional lighting equipment to capture the best shots of your property.

Q9: How far in advance do I need to book a photoshoot?

A: We recommend booking at least 1-2 weeks in advance, but we can sometimes accommodate shorter notice depending on our schedule.

Q10: What is your policy on cancellations or rescheduling?

A: We understand things happen. We ask that you contact us as soon as you need to cancel or reschedule. We DO NOT charge cancellation or rescheduling fees because we don't like nickel and diming our clients. Remember that our schedule sometimes gets very tight, so we can't promise immediate availability for rescheduling.

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