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Whether it's your first time working with a professional photographer or a seasoned pro, getting ready for a shoot can be exciting and overwhelming.


But don't worry, we're here to help! This guide has tips and tricks to ensure your space looks its best and the shoot goes smoothly.


Clean and Declutter:

  1. Start thoroughly cleaning dust surfaces, vacuum carpets, and mop floors.

  2. Remove clutter and unnecessary items from view to create a neat, spacious appearance.

  3. Remember, less is often more in photography.

Personal Items: Temporarily remove personal items like family photos, mail, and personal documents. This helps in creating a neutral space that appeals to a broader audience.


Lighting: Make sure all light fixtures are working and have bulbs of the same temperature (cool or warm light). Natural light works best, so open curtains and blinds to let in as much daylight as possible.


Neutral Decor: Consider adjusting your decor to be more neutral. Bold or unusual decorations might distract from the space itself. Aim for a look that's welcoming and broad in appeal.


Furniture Placement: Arrange your furniture to showcase the space effectively. This might mean repositioning chairs, tables, or other elements to create a more open and inviting layout.


Touch Up: Look for small details that need attention. This could be a fresh coat of paint on a scuffed wall, tightening a loose doorknob, or replacing a burned-out light bulb.


Odors: Neutralize any strong smells that can affect the mood during the photoshoot. Consider light, neutral air fresheners or simply airing out the space.


Outdoor Areas: If your property has outdoor spaces like gardens, patios, or balconies, ensure they are tidy and inviting. Trim any overgrown plants, sweep the paths, and arrange outdoor furniture neatly.


Preparation is everything. The better you're able to prep, the better the photos, videos, and all other visuals will be.

Living Room:

  • Arrange Furniture: Create a welcoming and open space by arranging furniture for easy movement and visual balance. Remove any excess or oversized pieces that might make the room look cramped.

  • Decor: Add simple, stylish decor like throw pillows or a vase with fresh flowers for a touch of color and life.

  • Electronics: Hideaway cables and remotes, and ensure the TV and other screens are turned off.


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  • Declutter Countertops: Clear countertops of all but essential items. A fruit bowl or a coffee machine can stay, but put away dishes, cutting boards, and cleaning supplies.

  • Highlight Appliances: If you have high-end appliances, ensure they're clean and prominently displayed.

  • Refresh the Space: Consider placing a plant or a small herb garden on the windowsill to add freshness.


  • Beds: Make sure beds are neatly made with coordinated bedding. Fluff and arrange pillows for a plush, inviting look.

  • Closet Doors: Close closet doors unless the closet is a crucial and neatly organized feature.

  • Personal Items: Clear nightstands and dressers of individual items. A simple lamp or a book can remain for a homely touch.


  • Clean Thoroughly: Ensure the toilet is spotlessly clean, with mirrors, faucets, and surfaces shining.

  • Towels: Hang fresh, neatly folded towels for a spa-like ambiance.

  • Toiletries: Remove everyday items like toothbrushes, shampoos, and soaps. Opt for minimal, decorative items if needed.


  • Curb Appeal: First impressions matter. Tidy up the yard, trim bushes, and clean the walkways.

  • Outdoor Furniture: Arrange patio or deck furniture neatly. Add cushions or decor for a cozy, inviting outdoor space.

  • Lighting: Check outdoor lights to ensure they function, as they may be used for twilight photos.