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The Problem

Vince has been in the real estate industry for 10 years and wanted to focus more on working on his business and building his team rather than spending so much time working in his business.

He wanted to update his brand identity because he needed his image to reflect his knowledge and experience in the industry. Both he and his clients view credibility and gain confidence in his abilities through his brand image.

As he grows his team, he wants them to feel confident to be part of a team that helps them look and feel like an experienced and highly knowledgeable team.

The Solution

We stepped in and performed a brand analysis and strategy focused on redesign. Because Vince didn't strongly change his sales process and the clients he serves, our strategy focused on the redesign and buildout of resources that he and his team can utilize as part of their sales process.

We built out a new website, took new photos, created new videos, built out print collateral, and created a process on how to design basic visuals for marketing utilizing pre-designed templates.

A complete system that we built out and handed to Vince and his team to begin leveraging to create more sales.

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The Before

The After