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Working with Mac was a fun experience because we connected very well on our views on business and people. We pulled from many of our shared interests from hip hop culture, music, and influential icons from various industries to craft creative visuals that represent who he is and how he wants his community to perceive him.

We built out his complete brand identity from the logo, business stationaries, website, and all of the website’s visual and written content.



The Problem

Terrell “Mac” King was a new agent that wanted to create a brand identity that reflected who he is and what he believes. We consulted with him and thoroughly explained his options. We talked about the differences between hiring freelancers that design visuals with no strategic direction of what encompasses the brand versus working with creative professionals that lead with a strategic planning approach before any of the design fulfillment is executed.

Nonetheless, what gravitated more for what he wanted to develop for his future was the strategic approach. So, we got to work and implemented our methodology.

The Solution