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The Problem

Omar was our first client before this company was even created. He was the main music artist of CRE8R’s founder, Mike Calpito. Mike was moonlighting his career as a music producer and songwriter and together, he and Omar tackled the music industry. Like many music artists, awareness and community building is essential to their career and growth. So, Mike took on everything and was determined to help build everything the ground up.

The Solution

The Tools

Brand Strategy

Brand Development

Community Awareness

Community Growth

Influencer Marketing

Lead Generation

Music Production

Film Production

Artist Management

Web Design & Development

Graphic Design

Mike was Omar’s complete package. He started building Omar’s career with music production. He produced countless songs and helped build Omar’s library. He also served as a producer on all of his music video shoots, coordinating with vendors for travel, planning, and ensuring that the shoot ran as smoothly as possible.

Mike built out websites, managed paid ad campaigns, configured social strategies, community outreach strategies, and executed each idea capitalizing on successful ones and tossing any failed tactics.

Mike tried a variety of different tactics and strategies when it came to creating attention. From running ads, PR outreach, and anything that he could think of to create attention. He finally hit success when the social media platform, Vine, came about. Mike used their talents in dance to create 6-second, attention grabbing, dance videos where they danced to Omar’s music and other trending songs. He then utilized a tactic that we all know now as influencer marketing to help promote each of the videos. The idea exploded and he transferred that idea to Instagram where they continued their explosive growth.

The Results

- Vine Following 0 to 167,000 followers in 3 months.

- Instagram following 2300 to 332,000 in 4 months.

- Brand partnerships with various companies including Hewlett Packard and Disney's Star Wars.

- Distribution deals with Priority/Captiol Records.

- Millions of streams across Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

- A healthy music career that was pivoted into music management and the birth of a recording studio chain servicing indie and major label artists.



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Got That From You

Produced by Mike Calpito

Written by Omar Kadir

1.5 million Spotify streams