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The Problem

Luxe Realty Group is a boutique real estate brokerage with a team of 10 agents. They originally approached us to get our insight on how to improve their website. So, we asked, “What problem is a newly designed website going to solve for your business?”. After a brief conversation, we found that there were deeper underlying issues that they wanted to resolve. The primary circumstances were changing the way their community and clients perceived their brand and helping create processes and structure for their marketing and business development initiatives.

The Solution

The Tools We Used

Brand strategy

Creative strategy

Marketing strategy

Business development

Video production


Website design

Brand identity redesign

The clients they serve value credibility through visual appearance, track records, and presentation. Luxe wants to grow from a small boutique brokerage to a sizable team that competes against the name brand brokerages. Their aspirations of dominating new markets and growing their team of agents required changing the visual representation, style, and aesthetics of their brand across all mediums, along with formulating structure and processes that will help each agent grow their client base and give each of their clients an amazing experience.

We started from the bottom and helped rebuild their foundation through brand strategy. We were able to justify each of their wants, needs, and develop a pathway to reaching their goals.

In order to ensure that these initiatives were executed to the highest degree, we became their in-house marketing and creative department. We oversee all of their creative development to create brand consistency, continuously develop their marketing strategies, and work side-by-side with each agent to guarantee their sales success throughout their careers.

This partnership also includes shooting photos and videos of homes they are listing for sale to maintain the same quality across their marketing mediums.

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The Before

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The After

Luxe   Logo Final White copy
Luxe   business card mockup logo 2
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Luxe   Signage logo 2
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