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It came down to finding an efficient process. We literally work around the clock for Khrista on all her listings. Photos, videos, and Matterport are all done during the day. Photos are delivered the next morning in 12-18 hours. Final property videos and Matterport are returned in about 24-48 hours.

We don’t give limitations on the number of photos we take. We take as many photos as needed to tell the full story of the home. We don’t want to miss any crucial angles.

On top of that, we don’t utilize the HDR or bracketed exposure technique. All of our photos utilize the “flash ambient” or “flambient” technique. As all real estate photographers know, the editing process of these photos take a lot longer than HDR, but the quality is a lot higher.

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The Problem

Khrista and her team are rated #1 in the Northern California and #5 in the nation by The Wall Street Journal. They do a massive amount of volume in real estate sales year over year with over $600,000,000 in sales volume in 2021 alone.

The team was looking for a creative partner that could do photography, video, and Matterport virtual walkthroughs. They needed a someone who could be their one-stop shop for their visual needs. The biggest attributes they needed were quality and speed. Deliver great looking visuals as quickly as possible.

Their motto? “The market moves faster, but the Khrista Jarvis Team moves faster.”

The Solution


Matterport Walkthrough