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The Problem

Gappify is a cloud-based provider of accrual automation solutions for mid-market and enterprise accounting teams. The company is headquartered in Oakland, California, with offices in New York City, and Manila, Philippines.

The CEO, Jotham Ty, came to us with very specific problems to help them solve. He and his team needed help with producing a series of vlog videos to increase brand awareness amongst their community, reshaping the messaging and presentation of their recruiting page, provide consultation for creative strategy, and execute any initiatives for creative and visual design.

The Solution

The Tools

Creative consulting

Creative strategy

Video production

Website layout

Website wireframing

It’s always super helpful when a company has an internal team working on strategy. All we need to do on our end is make sure that our thought process is aligned with the strategy and then execute.

We got to work on the production of Gappify’s vlog series. Our vision was to create a show and shape the series as if it were a reality show. After a few cups of coffee and some inspirational thinking, we came up with the name “Beyond The Books”. We mapped out the production and shot the whole thing in a “run and gun” style. This always proves to be more work for us in post-production (editing) because we need to find the right moments to properly shape the story of the video, but it always works out for the better because we get to capture the authenticity of the client. The end result always feels more real and genuine versus scripted and fake.

The next big task was working side-by-side with the recruiting team to grow the hiring initiative of Gappify’s staff across various departments. We shared our methodology of the Golden Circle and explained that inspired brands work from the inside out. Sharing their WHY first, then the HOW, and finally the WHAT. Whereas most companies start by explaining WHAT they do, we wanted to make sure we communicated Gappify’s WHY and used that as the foundation to express the company’s culture and the abundance of opportunities for all of their colleagues.

We’re working on producing a series of recruiting videos to help share the company culture with potential colleagues and then taking all of the messaging from the videos and job descriptions to design a recruiting page on their website that accurately portrays the company’s values, community, and culture.

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