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A brand redesign is a facelift, a visual upgrade, an elevated visual presence. If you’re not changing your service offerings, the clients you serve, or aren’t acquiring/expanding your company with new sub-entities, then a redesign would fit for you.

A rebrand is when a large portion of your business is changing. If you’re adding or changing your service offerings, serving a completely different client, expanding your company with new entities, new locations, new processes, then a strategic rebrand is definitely something you should consider.

What’s the difference between a brand redesign (elevation) and rebrand?

Yes, if and only if you can answer yes to the following statements.

The clients whom I serve perceive the professional credibility of my company in the visual styling and aesthetics of my brand’s image and in my company’s processes.

The way my company looks and its processes are a direct reflection of how I/we as business owners ultimatey care about the goals and successes of my clients.

If my company’s image looks great and its processes are easily presented and understood, then my clients will have more confidence that they are partnered with the right company.

My brand’s identity and image are outdated and its processes are not effectively presented and understood, so it doesn’t instill confidence in the clients whom I serve.

I am wanting to stay in business for the next 5-10 years.

My systems and processes need to be organized and effectively communicated to my sales team and clients to help make all of our lives easier.

Do I need full brand elevation?

Unfortunately, we cannot help you if a logo is all your business needs.

Let’s dive into this…

If we redesign your logo and don’t perform any type of strategic thinking, how do you know if it’s going to work with your business?

How will redesigning your logo help you create more sales?

Are you going to put your redesigned logo on your current visuals or will you need to consider redesigning your visuals so that they match the style and aesthetics of your new logo?

If you are hiring a freelance designer or design studio, do they have a process to help facilitate the creation of your logo so that it has connection and meaning or will you be left with the responsibility of having to project manage and do the thinking behind the logo?

We look at the entire picture. Most importantly, our focus is not only on making things look great, but making sure that the creative work we do can be implemented within systems and processes that can help you sell more and sell better.

Redesigning your brand’s identity shouldn’t be an expense. If it is done right, it will be an investment towards your bottom line.  

I just want to redesign my logo. I don’t need anything else. Can you help me?

Of course we can still work together! But, we can only support you with your photos and videos of your projects and properties.

The reason why we do a the full Brand Elevation and not just parts of it is because every visual piece of your brand identity work together to support your sales and delivery processes.

We design and build your visuals based on your processes so that they all work together as one cohesive unit to help you sell more and sell better.

However, on some rare occasions we’ve found instances where a brand’s logo looks great and has amazing meaning behind it, but the processes, stationaries, and website are not aligned.

A lot of the time these occasions boil down to alignment between the visuals and processes.

This is why we have to evaluate every circumstance to ensure that both you and our team gain clarity on the needs of your business.

I really want to work with you because I love your work, but I don’t need the full Brand Elevation. Can we still work together?

Yup! That’s why we offer our Project Visuals service. We already understand your processes, systems, and paved a new pathway for all of your creative visuals, so by helping you document your future projects with photos and videos will help keep your image in alignment.

We’ll help with updating your site and inserting these photos and videos into your updated processes and systems to keep your brand fresh and renewed.

Can you support my brand after the Brand Elevation project is complete?

Project visuals are photos, videos, and/or a Matterport walkthrough of the interior and/or exterior of a property.

We can come in at any phase of the project and create visuals for you; i.e. beginning, middle, and end of a project.

For a project undergoing renovation, new build, or development process we typically come in and document the beginning, middle, and end to show the progression.

Some projects only require a final video that will showcase the property space fully complete with furniture, artwork, and an overall presentation that is ready to showcase to the public and begin generating attention.

What are project visuals?

Yup! We are happy to come in as a third party consulting team. We can work with your internal marketing and management teams to help integrate your ideas into your brand’s visuals and processes.

We need help with coming up with a marketing strategy and plan for a project. You did the Brand Elevation and you understand our brand. Can you help us?

Our team is trained on our process, methodology, and framework. It’s the whole reason why we can efficiently and effectively execute the projects.

Doing it this way actually doesn’t save you much money because you are hiring us as consultants and you’re still paying having to pay wages and taxes on your employees to execute on a process and methodology that they’re not familiar with.

We will end up spending more time on teaching them how to efficiently and effectively design and build instead of them completing the delivery of the final deliverables.

It’s all counterproductive and sometimes more costly this way.

We have an internal design and marketing team. We can save a lot more money by utilizing them for fulfillment. Can you work with them?